Flores explained on her website that her injury happened on April 14.

“Goodness gracious, it’s true! I fell onto my shoulder and hit a rocky tile floor and broke my left humerus bone in two! I’m having a difficult time getting around but have so much gratitude towards my friends who are rising to the cause.”

The break forced Flores to cancel April 17’s gig in Springfield, Ill, and April 18’s show at Off Broadway Nightclub in St. Louis. In addition, all dates through late May are canceled.

According to a statement from her representatives, the singer-songwriter/guitarist “was relying on this upcoming tour to pay the bills for a while, and now she’s just laid up, and struggling.”

Flores’ management, friends and fans are helping to collect donations to help pay for her medical bills and assist with some living expenses while she recovers. In the past week 68 contributors have raised a total of $2,744.

As for now the total for Flores’ medical bills is unclear because her doctor is still determining whether or not she’ll need surgery.

Although her broken arm means she’s out of commission on the guitar, Flores says she will keep the rest of her tour schedule after adding a guitarist “to be named in a few weeks beginning in May.”

Flores is expected to return to the stage May 20 with a gig at Cefalo’s in Carnegie, Pa. Dates are on the books throughout North America through Oct. 23’s show at Uptown Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas.

“I think getting out there and singing will be the best medicine,” Flores said. “Thanks for your contributions and or prayers.”

Flores most recent full-length album is 2009’s Girl of the Century on Bloodshot Records.

Click here for Rosie Flores’ official website and click here to make a donation.