“Test results indicate a setback in Bret Michaels condition a side effect from the brain hemorrhage called hyponatremia – a lack of sodium in the body which leads to seizures.”

Michaels, who also suffers from diabetes, was rushed to a hospital April 22 after complaining of a severe headache. Doctors diagnosed the rocker had experienced a brain hemorrhage.

In addition to describing Michaels latest condition, the post said medical tests indicate the singer had suffered a “subarachnoid hemorrhage” causing “bleeding in the fluid-filled spaces around the base of the brain.” According to the post, the hemorrhage suddenly makes itself known by causing a sound like “a loud gunshot or thunderclap at the back of the head causing severe cranial pain and muscle spasms.”

The posting also mentions Michaels’ accident at the Tony Awards last June when he was knocked down by a descending piece of stage scenery at the end of Poison’s performance, saying there has been speculation the mishap might be responsible for his latest medical crisis. So far, doctors have not yet connected the awards show incident with the hemorrhage.

Michaels’ medical problems occurred less than two weeks after he underwent an emergency appendectomy in San Antonio.

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