Nearly 1,000 fans gathered for four hours at Auckland International Airport April 27 when the 16-year-old Canadian singer flew into the country for a one-day visit.

“You’ve been a bad boy…go to my room,” said one placard.

Airport security was beefed up to 27, but the so-called Beliebers wised up to plans to sneak Bieber through a side door instead of the main arrival gates. He was mobbed by frenzied fans, who stole his hat and knocked over his mother Pattie Mallette.

That did not deter Bieber, who later went bungy-jumping off Auckland Bridge and then performed live in the studio for C4’s “Select Live programme.”

Later he performed a private show for 500 students at Strathallan School in the suburb of Papakura after it won the concert through a radio station promotion.

Before a six-song set, he sat in with 12 students for a music lesson.

“What are we gonna play?” he asked. “Some Ozzy Osbourne or Led Zeppelin?”

Meanwhile, the Diocesan School for Girls in Epsom had to hose down rumours that their school had won the radio competition but that school authorities turned down the performance.

Meanwhile, another Auckland high school has had to go for damage control, after rumours spread that Bieber had been expected to perform there but that the principal refused to allow it.

Principal Heather McRae dismissed the rumours as totally false.