Over $3,500 of recording equipment along with the computer and back-up hard drives were stolen out of the band’s Huntington Beach, Calif., studio.

“Many items were taken but the most devastating was our computer and back up hard drives. We’ve been taking time off lately to work on new material and were really excited about all of it,” Chris Qualls, who handles synth, bass, talkbox and vocals in the band, said in a statement.

“When the thieves left out that broken window, they took every song/idea/beat we’ve worked on since November with them. Everything for the 2nd [Electric Valentine] full length, the acoustic EP, all the covers and remixes we were going to give out for free, the Kids On Drugs album I was recording, the Metroid full length etc. Literally months and months of hard work all gone.”

Qualls said that he considered giving up on the band but instead decided to “use this disaster as motivation to create the best album I’ve ever done.”

Before Qualls and bandmate Lauren Baird (who’s responsible for vocals and synth) can move forward, Electric Valentine needs fans’ help to purchase new gear. Qualls explained that asking for help is “tough for us because we’ve always been self-reliant” but that the band doesn’t have any other option. The band is collecting donations through its PayPal address [email protected].

According to representatives for the band, plans for a sophomore album and national tour have been postponed until further notice.

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