How, you ask? Well … at exactly 6:15 p.m. PST, if you can tear yourself away from Happy Hour (or whatever you might have planned for this evening) to log onto, you’re going to have the inside scoop on the biggest, hardest rocking, head bobbing-est tour of the year.

Got that? Since most of the world will already have logged off for the day – or even for the weekend – you’re going to know something they won’t find out until Monday morning.

But for now, back to Eddie Vedder and company.

In support of all the brave men and women who are away from home in service of our country, organizers of the New Orleans Jazz Festival will broadcast Pearl Jam’s set tomorrow live to the 256th Infantry Brigade Combat team, which consists of Louisiana National Guardsmen who are serving in Iraq.

And to make the event even more meaningful for the families of those soldiers, the band’s broadcast will feature a two-way live audio and video communication between the festival and Iraq.

To let fans at the NOLA event experience what’s happening overseas, large video screens will be positioned around the stage the band is playing on with a live feed of the soldiers watching the show.

Although specific details are being kept under wraps for security reasons, the plan is to begin the broadcast at 1 a.m. local time in Balad, Iraq.