A Chip Off The Old Loaf

You might not recognize her by her name, but when Pearl Aday opens up her mouth and lets her impressive voice loose, it’s clear that she’s descended from rock royalty.

That’s a title she comes by naturally, of course, because she’s the daughter of one Marvin Lee Aday, aka Meat Loaf.

Aday is out on the road in support of her debut release, Little Immaculate White Fox, which displays her unmistakable talent from start to finish.

The singer and her guitarist/fiancee vocalize together during a show. Wonder if Scott calls her father Mr. Aday or Mr. Loaf?

Upcoming stops on the calendar include The Basement in Kingston, N.Y. (May 1), Club House in Tempe, Ariz. (May 7), The Babylon in Fresno, Calif. (May 12), and 4th & B in San Diego (May 15).

Naturally a woman who grew up surrounded by rock ‘n’ roll knows how to call out the troops, so LIWF is packed with special guests including Anthrax’s Scott Ian (who also happens to be her fiancée), Jerry Cantrell and Ted Nugent, as well as Henry Rollins and Daniel Lanois’ touring band, Mother Superior.

Famous father or not, Pearl is destined for stardom. Man can she sing!

Pearl says those who think she can tear it up in the studio ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

“I just let the music take me wherever feels right,” the singer explained. “I’ve fallen down, peed my pants … I don’t care. As long as I connect with the audience, I’ve done what I came to do. I’ll break myself open to get there. I have a lot to tell, and a hell of a lot to give.”

And she’s not exaggerating. Here are Pearl, Scott and Jim Wilson performing “Rock Child” at Fibbers in York, U.K. in 2008.