No Bids For MJ Painting

A painting claimed to be the only one Michael Jackson ever posed for wasn’t a thriller on the auction block. The depiction of the King of Pop decked out in a red velvet jacket failed to attract any bids.

Titled “The Book,” the 50-by-40-inch painting showing Jackson at his Neverland Ranch holding a journal and includes a statue of Tinkerbell in the background, was painted by Australian artist Brett-Livingstone Strong. It was originally sold to Japanese businessman Hiromichi Saeki $2.1 million in 1990.

Photo: AP Photo
Click on the image to see the complete painting.

Toy inventor Marty Abrams and his partner John Gentilly acquired “The Book” from Saeki in 1992 as payment on a debt. The painting ended up in a New Jersey storage facility for more than 17 years, and was briefly displayed at the Dancy-Power Automotive showroom in Harlem after Jackson’s death.

Abrams, who hoped to auction the painting for more than $3 million, set the starting bid at $2.75 million on eBay, but failed to attract bidders.

Abrams still may see some serious cash in exchange for the painting. Auction organizer Marc Samson said he has two interested parties and hopes to have a buyer soon.

Meanwhile, if you have at least $2.75 million burning a hole in your pocket …