Friday Fun: Love & The Concert Fan

Is music important in a relationship? More specifically, is the love of a certain band or musical genre a necessary consideration when it comes to, well, love?

Earlier this week there were reports of a new dating site promising to hook up Apple fans. The idea behind the method is that people owning iPods, Macs iPhones and iPads are made for each other and only need a little online help to find true iLove.

Photo: AP Photo
Heating up Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Celebration concert at NYC’s Madison Square Garden.

So that got us to thinking about music fans. Specifically, whether people need to have compatible tastes in music before they can achieve compatibility in amour.

Of course, meeting people through music is common, and we’re sure you’ve heard more than your fair share of how couples first met at a concert, festival or even at a CD release party. But can true love exist between a Megadeth fan and, say, a Coldplay lover? Can a Britney Spears fan find his or her soul mate at a Nine Inch Nails show? Do goth and jazz mix? Country and death metal? Hip-hop and prog-rock?

Photo: Doug Seymour
Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Ill.

Photo: AP Photo / The Canadian Press
Juno Awards, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

And what about your own experiences? Has music resulted in true love, or for that matter, the dissolution of a relationship? Have you ever broken off a romance because you couldn’t stand the other person’s musical tastes? Artists sing about love all the time, but how important is music when it comes to true love? Just drop your musings in the comment thread below.