Gervais’ film takes the concept to the extreme and depicts a world where restaurant waiters comment on your date, where strangers tell you you’re ugly and robbers give their own names and addresses to their intended victims. Not only is it a world where no one lies, but there isn’t even a name for the act of telling a falsehood.

Which is kind of like the following clip. Posted last year on YouTube, it was created with tools provided by You pick the animated characters, type in a script and presto! Movie completed.

This particular vid depicts a somewhat shady promoter being totally up front with a music artist, telling him that he won’t get a soundcheck, won’t get paid and will probably be mugged after the show.

“I will offer you a Tuesday night slot at a cool new venue,” says the promoter. “It’s in a really hip area. That’s why it’s very far away from any public transport links.

“Just because I’m a promoter doesn’t mean I have to promote. That is your job. I will need you to arrive at 5 p.m. for a soundcheck. The soundcheck will not happen. In fact, the venue doors won’t even be open until 7 p.m., 30 minutes before you are due on stage. The soundman will be stressed and most likely bitter from years of working for dicks like me.”

While the clip is meant to be humorous, it has attracted many comments indicating it may not be all that far off the mark, as one poster called it “painfully funny,” while others said they’ve encountered similar situations.

“The soundcheck part was what really resonated for me,” wrote one poster. “We’ve had venues send us strict timeframes like ‘you MUST load in at 5:15 for your 5:45 soundcheck,’ and arrived on time to be told the soundman never shows up before 7.”

“Me and my band have played WAY too many shows under those exact circumstances,” wrote one musician, while another simply noted, “I think I’ve dealt with this dude before!”

We should point out that the video is meant to be a joke, and that no one here at knows anyone who even resembles the promoter depicted in the clip. In fact, promoters are often willing to give you the shirts off their backs, no questions asked. They’re always kind to their mothers and love all animals big and small.

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