No TVXQ For You

The popularity of new Korean boy band JaeChunSu, which contains the three members of TVXQ who split from the group due to a feud with their Korean management agency, has turned into a small headache for the trio’s Japanese record company.

Last month, Avex Records announced the formation of the group, whose name is a compound of the three members’ Korean names, and that it would play four concerts in Japan – two at Kyocera Dome in Osaka and two at Tokyo Dome.

Since the three were being sued by TVXQ’s Korean management company, SM Entertainment, they would not be appearing in Korea any time soon. Therefore, many of TVXQ’s Korean fans are planning to travel to Japan to attend the concerts – if they can get tickets.

Avex started accepting applications in Japan for tickets to the four concerts on April 19 and received about 1 million. Buyers for an undetermined number of seats will be chosen from these applicants by lot. Apparently, many of the group’s Korean fans feel they will be left out in the cold when general tickets finally go on sale, if, in fact, any tickets are left over to go on sale.