Korea In 3D

James Cameron, the director of the hit movie “Avatar,” held a press conference in Seoul May 14 where he announced he would be helping to make concert films of several Korean pop groups in a 3D format.

In town for the Seoul Digital Forum, Cameron said he had met with executives from Samsung Electronics and with Lee Soo-man, the founder of SM Entertainment, Korea’s most powerful talent agency, who will collaborate with him on the project.

Cameron’s crew will film several SM artists in concert in 3D and Samsung will use the content in its worldwide marketing campaign for its new 3D television sets.

The concert filming will take place “around June” and will likely feature BoA, Girls’ Generation and members of TVXQ.

BoA and two members of TVXQ, “Max” Chang-min and “U-Know” Yun-ho, were also at the press conference and expressed excitement over the project.

According to SM, the Max and U-Know will perform for Cameron’s cameras as TVXQ, despite the fact that the other three members of Asia’s most popular boy band have already left the group and are working on their own.