James was talking with his actress wife, former “ER” cast member Lily Mariye, on his auto’s speaker phone when the accident occurred. The saxman suffered a gash in his chin resulting in 14 stitches, a fractured jaw and two broken teeth.

The car that struck James’ automobile broke out in flames almost immediately upon impact. Luckily for James a few good Samaritans pulled the sax-man out of his own car before the fire could spread. And just like those On Star commercials, the electronic guardian angel system notified authorities.

“I’m euphoric,” James said. “I’m lucky I wasn’t killed. I just had a near-death experience and am relatively unscathed.”

Although his car was totaled, the two saxophones in the trunk were unharmed.

After James was discharged from the hospital at 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning, he went directly to his dentist’s office for a temporary repair on his two front teeth.

“Lily must have learned a lot on all those years on ‘ER,’” James said. “I’ve always had a fantasy about my wife, the nurse, but was hoping it would be on Halloween or on our anniversary … not in my dentist’s office on a Sunday morning.”

James also issued a public thanks to the folks that pulled him from his car, Long Beach Fire and Rescue, Long Beach Hospital and his dentist, Dr. Amy Roberts.

At this time James’ May 21 concert in Columbia, S.C., has been canceled while the status of his June 12 Sacramento, Calif., appearance is up in the air pending his orthodontist’s evaluation.

If there’s a moral to this tale, it has gotta be “don’t drink and drive.” Of course, having a dentist willing to work on you in the wee hours of Sunday morning is a lesson we can all learn from.

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