Cross Canadian Ragweed Talking ‘Break’

After playing more than 220 shows a year for 13 of the last 15 years, members of Cross Canadian Ragweed say it’s time for a break.

For the uninitiated, Cross Canadian Ragweed is not from Canada. The group’s moniker is somewhat of a mashup of the names of three members of the four-man band – Grady Cross, Cody Canada and Randy Ragsdale. The band, which also includes bassist Jeremy Plato, formed in Oklahoma in the early ‘90s.

Photo: Chris McKay /
40 Watt Club, Athens, Ga.

The group posted a message on its website today, noting that drummer Ragsdale recently told his bandmates that he needed to spend time at home with his family, specifically his autistic son.

“For many years my band has been my top priority,” Ragsdale said on “Being in a touring band you have to give it your all, give it 100 percent. Right now, I need to be at home for my family, particularly my son JC, who has autism. He’s ten years old now and still struggling in his development. I feel the only way I can help him, is to be more hands on and close to home. I would understand and support the band’s decision to get another drummer and press on. But that’s not what they wanted to do. I was blown away by their decision and their support.”

Other members also talked about taking a break.

“We’ve always said from the start, we’re Ragweed as the four of us, or not Ragweed at all,” frontman Cody Canada said while guitarist Cross called the other members “brothers” and said he loves playing with them. Plato said it will “be good for us to have a breather.”

What isn’t known at this time is whether the band will play any of the dates on its current itinerary. Although band members say they’re taking a break, no one has actually said whether the decision is effective immediately. So far, the booking agency representing the band has declined comment, but indicated more information may be forthcoming.

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