Live albums and tours sometimes fall in a circular time loop, meaning a tour often results in a live album followed by another tour to support it. This isn’t necessarily the case with Halford.

Halford – Live In Anaheim was recorded only a few months before the singer rejoined his Judas Priest bandmates in 2003 and features the group’s own material as well as some songs from the Fight days and a few Priest classics. The disc includes a few tracks from the Halford’s 2003 Tokyo shows.

But Halford has more than a CD to tout, for the DVD version is documentary centering on the band’s Crucible release and subsequent tour. Speaking of which, Halford Crucible – Remixed & Remastered, which pretty much explains everything in its title, will be released this year.

There are different dates for the different discs, with the live album dropping June 21, the touched-up Crucible July 12 and the DVD landing in stores Aug. 3.

At this time Halford’s first headlining tour in seven years is just coming together and the only dates currently locked down include a stop in San Francisco at the Regency Ballroom July 17, an appearance at Montreal’s July 24 and the band’s appearances in August. Expect the rest of the tour to be announced shortly. For more info, click here for Rob Halford’s website.