Opry Resurrection Under Way

Gaylord Entertainment officials are literally picking up the pieces of the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville after heavy flooding May 2 destroyed parts of the noted venue.

Most of the Opry’s stage was destroyed but the 6-foot circle of wood flooring taken from the Opry’s previous home at Ryman Auditorium is intact for the most part. Coats of varnish are reportedly what kept the wood from being destroyed by 4 feet of water, so the flooring will be reinstalled after some restoration work.

Meanwhile, the devastation hasn’t and won’t prevent scheduled Opry shows from taking place, according to the venue’s website.

“As a result of the flooding, the Grand Ole Opry has been temporarily displaced from its permanent home, the Opry House. But like country music, itself, ours is a story of perseverance and passion,” the website said. “We are focused on lifting spirits and underscoring that the show goes on. And it is. The Opry will not miss a show as we tour various venues around Music City until we return to the Opry House.”

Those venues include Ryman Auditorium, War Memorial Auditorium, Two Rivers Baptist Church and Tennessee Performing Arts Center’s Andrew Jackson Hall.