Cross Canadian Ragweed Clarifies ‘Break’

Earlier this week, Cross Canadian Ragweed announced it was taking a break from touring. Now the band has clarified the announcement by saying which dates it’s shucking and which ones are keepers.

The band’s original announcement seemed pretty clear-cut and cited drummer Randy Ragsdale’s decision to spend more time with his autistic son as well as the countless miles the group has run up on the touring odometer in recent years.

“We’ve been at this for a long time, we’ve all had to spend time away from home missing birthdays, holidays … it’ll be good for us to have our breather,” bassist Jeremy Plato wrote on the band’s website.

But while the intentions of band members wanting to spend more time with families was certainly admirable, it didn’t erase the fact that Cross Canadian Ragweed had a pretty full schedule booked for this year. As word about the band’s break spread, its booking agency was trying to sort out what was possible and what might not happen.

Now the band has issued a new statement, clarifying the original announcement and confirming which dates it will play this year. Click here for the revised schedule.

The band also said ticket holders for canceled dates “may call venue ticket offices for refunds.”