No Virgin For Canada

Virgin Mobile Canada says the series of concerts planned for different provinces will take the year off.

Although the Virgin Canada Festival originated in Toronto as a single event, last year the festival expanded, playing Toronto as well as Calgary, Halifax, Montreal and Burnaby.

Playing multiple locations was the plan for this year, but Virgin Mobile Canada chief operating officer Nathan Rosenberg said the festivals will not take place until at least 2011, according to the CBC.

Why no Virgin Canada for this year? The short answer is economic conditions and problems getting headline bands.

“If we can’t produce a festival that provides a talent lineup that we think is appropriate, we won’t go ahead with it,” Rosenberg said.

Even though Canada’s Virgin Festivals won’t take place this year, Virgin is sponsoring a series of concerts in Toronto and Montreal, including free shows during the Montreal Grand Prix featuring Karl Wolf, Bedouin Soundclash and Faber Drive.