It’s one of those simple messages meant to spread fear and paranoia while at the same time trick you into downloading a file that probably contains more digital viruses than the number of bail bondsmen on Pete Doherty’s speed dial.

To put it simply, if you receive the following e-mail message (misspellings and all), delete it. We didn’t send it.

Dear Customer,

This e-mail was send by to notify you that we have temporanly prevented access to your account.

We have reasons to beleive that your account may have been accessed by someone else. Please run attached file and Follow instructions.

Meanwhile, our security experts are on the case and are tracking down the virus scammers responsible for the above hoax. Company policy prevents us from telling you what will happen when our people catch up with them, but do you remember the movie “Fargo” and the scene with the wood chipper?  Yah, you betcha.