Simon & Garfunkel Tour Postponed ‘Indefinitely’

The sounds of silence descended upon Simon & Garfunkel fans today as Live Nation announced Art Garfunkel’s vocal ailment has forced this year’s tour to be postponed until further notice.

The Simon & Garfunkel tour actually began with a single date – , which was originally announced as the only concert the duo would perform in the United States this year.

That situation changed with the announcement that Simon & Garfunkel would embark on a short tour of mostly Canadian venues in April. U.S. dates included stops in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and New Jersey.

But when S&G performed at Jazz & Heritage, fans noticed Garfunkel’s voice wasn’t exactly up to his usual level of excellence. Citing “vocal strain” the tour was rescheduled to begin in July.

Now the tour is called off indefinitely. Turns out Garfunkel is suffering from vocal paresis and his doctors, while predicting a full recovery, cannot predict when he’ll be ready to return to performing.

“I do feel bad about disrupting so many people’s plans but, as I continue to mend, I can’t yet bring my ‘A Game’ to a tour, and I would not perform for you with anything less,” Garfunkel said.

Guess the folks at Jazz & Heritage were right all along when they said they had the only U.S. appearance for Simon & Garfunkel in 2010.

Ticket refunds can be obtained at points of purchase.