Front Gate Going Mobile

Front Gate Tickets in Austin, Texas, continues to upgrade its ticketing platform with a June 18 announcement of both mobile ticketing and a WordPress plug-in.

The latter enables clients to populate WordPress-based websites with event information automatically.

Front Gate cites Juniper Research statistics that indicate more than 2 million mobile tickets were sold worldwide in 2009. Front Gate’s move to WordPress extends its offerings beyond simply selling tickets by phone, however.

“Promoters look to their ticketing company to provide sales and marketing tools that fully integrate into one solution,” Front Gate spokesman Jeff Kreinik said. Clients with their own WordPress-based websites “are immediately able to realize the benefits of having their event details appear automatically.”

Added to Front Gate’s toolbox is connection of its web-based ticketing system and websites to Google Analytics, on-demand multi-channel sales reports, web-based event building tools, automated ticket count alerts, on-demand customer data reports, stored credit cards to encourage repeat purchases, localized portal promotions and automation with social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

“Many of our clients are building custom iPhone apps for their clubs and festivals. We add value to that investment by extending the mobile marketing process through to the sale,” Kreinik said.