It wasn’t too long ago when the future of You Say Party! We Say Die! was looking pretty grim. Last April a brain hemorrhage caused drummer Devon Clifford to collapsed on stage and fall into a coma during a performance in Vancouver, British Columbia. Although Clifford was rushed to a hospital where surgeons immediately operated, the drummer didn’t survive the ordeal and died early the next morning.

Now the band has put out an open letter, saying it is rescheduling a Euro tour that was postponed and is also planning a few select dates.

But it won’t be the same band, nor will it carry the same handle. The new moniker is simply “You Say Party.” And, while fans expected a new drummer to join the band, another lineup tweak was not necessarily anticipated.

Keyboardist Krista Loewen exits the band for a life of “a home, a garden, some gluten-free baking and a proper education.” Replacing her will be Robert Andow of Vancouver band Gang Violence. However, it’s not like Andow is the only new guy. Gang Violence drummer Bobby Siadat has also joined You Say Party.

As to the band’s new single, that would be “There is XXXX (Within My Heart).”

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