Kanye In SK

Kanye West is slated to headline the Summer Week&T 2010 festival, which will take place sometime in August on a beach outside of Seoul.

Other acts announced by the festival’s sponsor, SK Telecom, include Calvin Harris, autoKratz and Does It Offend You, Yeah?
SK Telecom is Korea’s biggest mobile telecommunications operator and in the past has organized other music festivals such as Rock Festival Week&T, Jazz Week&T and Beachparty Week&T. The festivals coincide with week-long promotional campaigns.

In other Kanye-related news, Korean hitmaker Jae Chong mentioned on his blog that he is currently writing songs for the three members of the Korean boy band TVXQ who left the group last year to form a distinct trio.

Chong says that their debut album will be recorded at Kanye West’s house in Hawaii, and they may even travel on to Los Angeles or Miami to record tracks with Timbaland.

Chong claims the album will have “by far THE biggest budget…EVER in Asia…PERIOD!”