KISS For Luck

KISS fans feeling lucky will want to check out the latest offering from the New Mexico Lottery – new “scratchers” featuring the rock band in all its leather and make-up glory.

It’s all part of a licensing agreement between the band and the New Mexico Lottery with the scratchers locking down a place in KISS history as the first-ever lottery deal for a band that’s slapped its image on everything from coffins to condoms.

“KISS learned a long time ago that you can’t win unless you’re in the game,” the band said in a statement. “The New Mexico Lottery and the students that directly benefit from the sales for KISS Scratchers are already winners by becoming the first state in the country to offer a game with ‘The Hottest Band On Earth.’

“The New Mexico Lottery wants to rock its players’ world and KISS is just the band to make that happen. Not only do the New Mexico Lottery fans get the greatest band in the history of rock and roll, they have a real chance of getting lucky with KISS.”

The KISS scratchers offer more than one way to win. Of course, the primary game involves scratching the front of the tickets to see if the numbers revealed match the predetermined numbers for a win.

But holders of losing tickets also have a chance, appropriately called the KISS 2nd Chance Drawing, where players enter the tickets for a second crack at winning a fortune. So there’s more than one way to pursue your lottery dreams in New Mexico with KISS.

The new KISS lottery tickets aren’t the only rock band scratchers offered by the New Mexico Lottery. There’s also a licensing deal with Aerosmith for fans itching to win big.