In court documents filed on Monday, Jake Holmes cited a 1967 copyright registration for his own “Dazed And Confused,” according to London’s Guardian newspaper which says Holmes renewed the copyright in 1995.

How close does the Zeppelin classic resemble Holmes’ tune? Although it sounds somewhat different and the lyrics are not the same, there seem to be enough similarities between the two works to make even the casual listener wonder if Jimmy Page might have heard Holmes’ song at one time.

Plus, there are plenty of indications that Page might have been familiar with Holmes work. In a 2001 interview posted by online magazine Perfect Sound Forever, Holmes talked about opening for The Yardbirds in 1967 when Page was a member of the famed British band, referring to the gig as “the infamous moment of my life when ‘Dazed And Confused’ fell into the loving arms and hands of Jimmy Page.”

Apparently The Yardbirds heard Holmes’ song and decided to cover it. However, The Yardbirds broke up one year later, which resulted in Page forming a new band that would eventually be called Led Zeppelin. As every Zep fan knows, “Dazed And Confused” appeared on the band’s first album.

But, aside from the title, is Holmes’ “Dazed” the same as Zep’s? You be the judge.

Now Holmes is suing Page, along with Super Hype Publishing, Atlantic Recording Corporation and Rhino Entertainment Company for copyright infringement.  However, due to the statute of limitations, he can only sue for monies made on the song during the past three years. Otherwise, he’d probably sue for an amount that would definitely leave more than a few people dazed.

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