Jane’s ‘Fans’ Addiction’ Concert

Jane’s Addiction is putting on a “Fans’ Addiction” concert this Friday and they want you to be there – for free!

The show takes place July 2 at the 500-capacity The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, Calif., where the band recorded their 1987 self-titled live debut album.

“We in Jane’s Addiction have done several intimate LA shows over the past year or so … Little places with 100 or so tickets set aside for the fans. It was tough for a lot of fans to get in even after waiting all day for entry. With all of our friends and family in LA, it’s sometimes hard to accommodate everybody,” guitarist Dave Navarro wrote on his 6767.com site earlier this month.

“Well it looks like we are doing another show and we have decided to make this show an event that is mainly for the fans. We are going to strip back the guest list, inviting only our immediate loved ones and let the majority of tickets be made available to the people who have given us so much over the years, the fans.”

Navarro gave away five pairs of tickets through his Twitter account on Tuesday followed by another giveaway this morning with four more pairs of tickets through his Facebook account.

Frontman Perry Farrell also handed out tickets through his Twitter account in addition to another giveaway through JanesAddiction.org.

If you haven’t gotten your hands on your own set of tickets, you have another chance to win tickets through signing up at JanesAddiction.com.  Winners will be announced Thursday morning.

According to JanesAddiction.org, the “remainder of the seats will be given to people who line up at The Roxy” on Friday.

Navarro recommends that fans “come dressed to have fun” because the show is being “filmed for use at a later time” as part of the Sunset Strip Summer Concert Series presented by Bing.

The show begins at 10 p.m., with doors opening at 8 p.m.
Click here to win tickets through JanesAddiction.com.

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