InMusic In Vogue

Pulling 20,000 per day is hardly remarkable when compared to other major European outdoors, but T-Mobile InMusic Festival promoter Zoran Maric is thrilled the sponsors think it’s more than enough to show the Croatian event is shrugging off the economic gloom.

This year’s event June 22-23 also had to contend with some gloomy weather as it rained in Zagreb throughout both days, as it had when 10,000 had turned up to the “zero day” that was added at the beginning.

“Everyone is spending less on all goods from cars to mobile phones, and also everyone is spending less on going out,” Maric told Pollstar, although title sponsor T-Mobile is clearly happy with what it’s getting for its marketing dollars.

“They were very pleased to see that the reduction in spending doesn’t seem to have affected the festival in the slightest, as the people showed they will still find the money for something that they know they’ll enjoy,” he explained, after his festival pulled 5,000 more per day than when it started in 2006.

The event has now attracted the interest of the Croatian Tourist Board, which may lead to a cooperation that will help attract more foreign visitors to InMusic.

The acts keeping Maric, the crowd and the sponsors happy included The Flaming Lips, Massive Attack, LCD Soundsystem, Broken Social Scene, Rise Against, Billy Idol, Morcheeba and Pendulum.