Michael crashed his Range Rover into a building housing a “Snappy Snaps” 24-hour photo development service near his home. London’s Mirror notes this is the seventh time in the past six years Michael’s driving has resulted in a police investigation. According to the paper, his latest road mishap was captured for posterity courtesy of CCTV.

Apparently the 47-year-old singer was not harmed in the accident. Media reports indicate he climbed out of his vehicle and awaited police.

Reports also indicated police did not administer a breathalyzer test and that Michael said he hadn’t been drinking.

The Mirror states Michael was taken to a North London police station where he was believed to have been tested for drugs although no contraband was recovered. Michael made bail and is expected to return in August pending inquiries.

The Mirror also lists Michael’s past driving escapades, including a 2009 incident when he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs after he crashed his Range Rover into the back of a truck. However, a drug test proved negative and he was released without charge.

He also hit three parked cars while driving a Range Rover in April 2006, but was not charged. In fact, 2006 wasn’t a very good year for Michael’s behind-the-wheel antics. In February of that year he was cautioned for possessing marijuana after being found sleeping in his car.

In May ’06 he crashed his Range Rover near his London home during an incident that was not reported to police and in October was arrested after being found unconscious in his car. That episode resulted in Michael being banned from driving for two years after admitting he drove while under the influence of drugs.

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