Concert Curfew Conflict

The show’s still going on for a promoter in Billings, Mont., who filed suit against Carbon County for attempting to enforce a curfew on his outdoor concert series.

Bull Pen promoter Mike Decker filed a petition for declaratory judgment and injunctive relief June 23, according to the Billings Gazette, claiming the county has no authority under state law to enforce a resolution that established regulations for large group gatherings.

Decker’s concert coincides with the annual Beartooth Rally in nearby Red Lodge, which draws scores of motorcycle enthusiasts. The promoter is reportedly expecting tens of thousands to attend the Bull Pen, featuring Buckcherry, Smash Mouth, Aaron Tippin, Sawyer Brown and Jackyl.

He told the paper that the county’s attempt to enforce a curfew that would pull the plug on his July 14-18 festival at 10 p.m. on weekdays and midnight on weekends could lead to a mass exodus every night.

“I don’t like being told I can’t play music after 10 o’clock,” he said. “If I have to turn off the music at 10 o’clock, people are going to run to Red Lodge for last call.”

An attorney for Decker told the Gazette performances were scheduled to last until 2 a.m. to encourage concertgoers to camp overnight on the concert grounds.

Still, if the promoter and county can’t come to a resolution before the festival, the attorney confirmed Decker will abide by the curfew for this year’s show.

“It’s not really going to affect the concerts at all,” he said.