More ‘Doolittle’ For You

The Pixies’ “Doolittle Tour” keeps on chugging along, adding second nights for Austin and Nashville to the schedule plus new appearances in North Carolina towns Charlotte and Asheville.

Evidently no one has told the Pixies about the summer slump in ticket sales. The “Doolittle Tour,” featuring the band playing their classic 1989 album started in September 2009 and will complete 12 months on the road when it plays San Diego at the RIMAC Arena Sept. 26.

Photo: John Darwin Kurc
Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Ill.

What’s new on the schedule? Nashville’s second show is slotted for Sept. 11 at the Ryman Auditorium and the Austin Music Hall’s second show is Sept. 21, making it the first of two nights in the Texas city. New stops on the schedule are Charlotte at Ovens Auditorium Sept. 9 and Asheville at Thomas Wolfe Auditorium Sept. 12.

Production wise, the Pixies have really pushed the envelope on the “Doolittle Tour,” utilizing the talents of the band’s long-time lighting designer Myles Mangino and designer Paul Normandale. The result is a set featuring four huge, undulating eyeball-like spheres appearing as part of the concert’s light show. Meanwhile 11 films created by filmmakers Judy Jacobs, Tom Winkler, Brent Felix and Melinda Tupling accompany 12 of the 21 songs in the set list and are projected onto a massive backdrop video screen.

But that’s just the Reader’s Digest version of the Pixies’s “Doolittle Tour.” To get the entire lowdown you’ll need to go to a show. Just click here to begin your own Doolittle journey.