Schueremans Sure Of Anti-Tout Law

Live Nation Belgium and Rock Werchter chief Herman Schueremans says he’s not worried about his anti-tout law being delayed by the upheavals in the Belgian government because he’s sure it’s only a temporary setback.

Last year the old coalition government under prime minister Yves Leterme scheduled the bill to be heard in the spring, but in April it resigned after losing the parliamentary support of some Flemish Liberals.

The June 13 elections didn’t produce a clear-cut result but Schueremans believe the bill, which seeks to outlaw the re-selling of tickets with a mark-up of more than ten percent of face value, will become law because it has cross-party support.

“I think it will be heard later this year or early next, but the support it has from all parties means it should go through – whoever is forming the next government”, he said. The last two ministers for the economy have both supported the bill.