Rock Needs A Bigger Field

Rock-A-Field Festival promoter Patrick Bartz believes the Luxembourg event may have to be upped to two days if the organising team wants to see it make money.

This year the 5-year-old event June 27 was a 20,000-capacity sellout for the second year in succession, but it is not possible to expand the forest-clearing site near Luxembourg city.

“We did well in the first three years but we lost a little money each time,” Bartz said. “Now that we’re selling out we’re still making very little money and there’s no scope to expand the site.”

Bartz and his festival team, which also runs Luxembourg’s 1,200-capacity Den Atelier, may now look at expanding to two days.

“I’m not saying we’ll do it next year but it may be something we have to look at in the longer term,” he told Pollstar. “It would cut our production and infrastructure costs if we set up for two days and there’s another clearing that’s within walking distance that could be used as a camping site.”

The acts helping this year’s Rock-A-Field overflow included The Prodigy, Kasabian, The Gossip,and 30 Seconds To Mars.