We’re reminded about that old saying about the weather, the one that goes, “Everybody talks about it, but no one ever does anything about it.” In many cases the same adage could be applied to high ticket prices. Lots of talk, little action.

But the folks behind the fall leg of the American Carnage tour featuring the original “Clash Of The Titans” lineup of Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax are doing something about high ticket prices by offering a limited amount of $10 tickets for some shows and $5 and $10 discounts on presales in select markets.

Here’s the skinny: Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Baltimore, Uniondale, N.Y., Scranton, Pa., Fort Wayne, Ind., Grand Rapids, Mich. and Universal City (Los Angeles), are offering $10 discounts on tickets purchased during presales. This excludes the special $10 ticket offering for those markets, so don’t expect to buy a $10 ticket and then get a $10 discount. Life doesn’t work that way.

Columbus, Ohio, and Milwaukee are going with the $5 discount.

The discounts are good only for the presales beginning July 14. For more info, click here for Slayer’s website, here for Megadeth’s web sanctuary and here to connect with Anthrax.com.

Also, for more information on American Carnage’s fall outing, click here for the Pollstar posting “American Carnage Unleashes The Kraken!”

Now, if only someone would do something about the weather. That is, besides talk about it.