Meet Runner Runner

Southern California band Runner Runner just might be perched on the brink of stardom as it prepares to release its first single to radio, appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and embark on a tour beginning this weekend. Read all about it after the jump, and someday you’ll be able to say, “I was listening to them when they were just starting out.”

With a name loosely based on a poker term, Runner Runner began life two years ago. Formed in Huntington Beach, Calif., by frontman Ryan Ogren, guitarists Nick Bailey and Peter Munters, bassist Jon Berry and drummer James Ulrich, Runner Runner has its roots in various punk subgenre bands.

For example, Bailey, Munters and Ulrich were in a Virginia skate-punk band called Over It, Ogren sang in a New Jersey pop-punk group called Don’t Look Down and Berry played in a California pop-punk group called Rufio. So there’s plenty of experience and cred among Runner Runner’s five members.

Plus, the band recently became the first group to sign with new label C.E. Music that was formed by David Letterman’s WorldWide Pants Inc. The group’s self-titled debut album, which drops Sept. 28, will be released through a partnership between C.E. Music, MRV and Capitol Records.

Photo: Dale May
L-R: Nick Bailey, James Ulrich, Ryan Ogren, Peter Munters, Jon Berry.

But you won’t have to wait until September to give Runner Runner a listen. The band’s first single, “So Obvious,” is already available on iTunes and is scheduled for a July 20th release, the same day the group appears on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” By that time Runner Runner will be two shows deep into a tour with Secondhand Serenade and White Tie Affair.

The tour begins July 17 in Lehi, Utah, at Thanksgiving Point and plays Denver’s Marquis Theatre July 18. After Runner Runner appears on Kimmel, look for the three bands to play Dallas at The Loft July 21; Houston’s Warehouse Live July 23 and San Antonio’s Scout Bar July 24. Other stops include Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Masquerade, Lexington, Boston, New Haven, Conn., Chicago, Little Rock, St. Paul, New York, Anaheim and Boise.

Fun loving guys that they are, the members of Runner Runner have hooked up with Pollstar to provide you with a little summer diversion. While on the road the band plans on asking various venue employees – stage managers, box office managers, bartenders, etc. – questions about themselves. You know, simple things like “What’s your name?” or “How long have you worked here?” or “What color underwear are you wearing?”

The plan is for fans to post questions on Pollstar’s MySpace page.  Runner Runner will then record videos of the employees answering the questions,do some editing and post the clips on Pollstar beginning later this month.

In other words, we’re going to have some fun with the band. But not as much fun as you can have seeing Runner Runner in concert. You wanna know more? You know you do. Click here for the band’s MySpace page.

And don’t forget to leave your questions on Pollstar’s MySpace page. Just click here.