Men At Work Member To Lose House?

Men At Work’s flautist Greg Ham thinks he’ll lose his house after the long-running court case in Australia over the band’s hit song “Down Under.”

It was Ham’s alleged use of a riff from the Australian children’s song “Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree” to include a slice of Australiana that resulted in the case.

As reported previously, the band has to give “Kookaburra” publisher Larrikin Music 5 percent of all royalties generated by the song since 2002 as well as 5 percent of future royalties.

Ham told The Age, “We’ll face massive legal costs … I’ll never see another cent out of [‘Down Under’] again. At the end of the day, I’ll end up selling my house.”

He added that he was disappointed that the plagiarism case overshadowed the global success of the quirky song that introduced the words “vegemite” and “chunder” to the world.