Dubai Dupe

A promoter who solicited $330,000 from a New Jersey investor for a 2008 concert series in Dubai that never was has pleaded guilty to fraud in a Trenton, N.J., federal court.

Antywan Ross pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud July 8, admitting that he’d claimed to be promoting a series of Mariah Carey concerts in Dubai through his RDA Group, according to a statement released by New Jersey District Attorney’s office.

Ross secured funds from an investor to purportedly pay upfront expenses for the concerts. He claimed the money would be repaid within 45 days, going so far as to employ an escrow agent that would hold the money until he’d secured at least $1 million in sponsorship funds, the statement said.

But soon after, the escrow agent received a number of fraudulent letters that said more than $10 million in sponsorships had been secured.

The money was released, though most was used for Ross’ personal expenses including the purchase of a vehicle, the statement said.

Ross’ sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 13. He faces up to 20 years in prison, a $250,000 fine for the fraud charge and is also expected to repay the investor’s money.