Aerosmith’s Perry Talks About Crash

One moment Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry was sitting on his motorcycle waiting for a traffic light to change. Then he was on the pavement “looking up at the sky.”

Perry was riding his 2009 Ducati through Middleborough, Mass., July 15 when the accident occurred. One week later the guitarist told what went down that fateful afternoon.

“This woman behind me just didn’t slow down at the light,” Perry said. “She was going 25-30 miles per hour and just rear-ended me. Everything on the bike from the engine back is smashed up, but I don’t even have a black and blue mark. I can’t believe it. I’m just really lucky.”

Photo: AP Photo / Pool
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Although Perry weathered the ordeal with nary a bruise, police and paramedics insisted he go to the hospital.

“I had whiplash and my lower back was throbbing. I’ve been in enough accidents to know that you don’t know how banged up you are for a while. The doctor went over everything and said that nothing was broken or bleeding. I didn’t even need x-rays.”

News of Perry’s accident couldn’t have come at worse time for Aerosmith fans. Having seen last year’s world tour go south after frontman Steven Tyler injured himself falling off the stage while performing at the Legendary Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, S.D., Perry’s recent motorcycle mishap probably struck some fans as a cosmic message telling the band to stay home.

But Perry told that the accident was more personal than a dose of bad karma directed at the band. Instead, he felt it was a message directed explicitly at him.

“I think this accident was a power higher than me saying, ‘Don’t ride your Ducati a week before the tour,’” Perry said. “‘I’m just going to warn you once.’”

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