Kenny G Good For What Ails You?

Do you like to listen to soft music, a good country tearjerker or a screaming guitar solo when you’re feeling a tad stressed? What calms your nerves in this crazy, crazy world? Maybe something by… Kenny G?

Apparently folks in China think Kenny G’s music is the perfect prescription for stress, according to a CBS report claiming the Chinese listen to the saxman a lot, especially at the end of the day during evening rush. One Kenny G tune that seems to strike a soothing chord with folks is “Going Home,” which is even played at the end of the day at some schools.

Photo: AP Photo
Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium, Orlando, Fla.

“‘Going Home’ is a very, very popular song in China,” Kenny G told CBS “Everybody knows that song. They play it on mass transit; they play it at every department store when it’s closing time. When I am in China, I hear that song on loud speakers. I have heard it in Tiananmen Square. It’s crazy; it’s part of their lives.”

Of course, it’s not all that surprising to hear that music can help reduce stress, calm nerves and make life more livable. That’s why elevator music sounds like, well, elevator music and is pumped into stores and businesses to help calm frayed nerves and reduce tension.

In fact, the same CBS article cites information from WebMD saying research is only beginning to reveal how music affects the mind and body.

But does it have to be soft, mellow, smooth, non-threatening music? Does the music of Metallica have charms to sooth a savage breast? Will a dose of Mötley Crüe alleviate feelings of anxiety? What helps you unwind when you feel wound up? Go ahead, share your musical treatments for stress in the comment thread below. That is, if you’re not too stressed out already.

And if you are feeling a little too stressed to comment, check out this Kenny G video showing the maestro playing “Going Home” and soon everything will be better.

Click here for the CBS item.