Emma Czikai is also suing Fremantle Media and Cowell’s company Simco.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail reports that the 54-year-old contestant is trying to make a case based under disability laws by comparing the “Britain’s Got Talent” audition to a job interview. Czikai claims she wasn’t given a fair audition and that the tryout was affected by her “poor health” and the “show’s bad sound quality.”

She tried out for the show in January 2009 by performing Westlife’s “You Raise Me Up.” The wannabe-singer only got through three words of the song before being buzzed to stop by judge Piers Morgan. She was given two more chances to sing the song before being voted off the show by all three judges.

“I think it would be really nice if you gave people a chance,” Czikai tells the judges. “This song is a really lovely song.”

Cowell replies that it “is a beautiful song when you’re not singing it.” 

On Thursday Czikai attended the second day of a pre-hearing review at the Central London Tribunal Court to determine if a full employment tribunal will move forward.

Czikai claims that she wrote Cowell and the reality show’s producers a letter requesting that her audition not be broadcast because of her health issues. 

The contestant said she has “fibromyalgia, a condition which causes painful swelling all over the body and extreme tiredness, as well as spondylosis in her neck,” according to the U.K.’s The Independent. Czikai said that it was difficult for her to hold the microphone close to her mouth because she was recovering from an operation to remove excess skin from her arms. The Daily Mail adds that she was also “mourning the death of her dog Harry.”

During the pre-hearing review Czikai got the chance to confront “Britain’s Got Talent” producer Andrew Llinares.

“You broadcast something you knew was humiliating and degrading even though you knew my medical history,” Czikai said.

She asked if Cowell had received the letters she had sent and Llinares replied that he couldn’t say if the judge had received the correspondence.

“I brought this case to retain my self-respect and dignity and to be sure that no harm comes to others as it has done to me,” Czikai said in her closing remarks, according to The Independent.

The Daily Mail notes that the defendants said they were not informed of any ongoing illnesses Czikai was suffering from and that she didn’t ask for any special treatment during her audition. They hope to stop Czikai’s claim before a full hearing, arguing that the show is not a prospective employer and that the audition was not a job interview.

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