Britain’s Got Tribunals

A “Britain’s Got Talent” contestant is suing the show for £2.5 million, claiming the judges didn’t give her a fair audition.

Emma Czikai, 54, of Sutton Colfield, West Midlands, had three tries at singing “You Raise Me Up” in front of judges Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden when she appeared on the show last year. In all three she failed to get as far as the chorus before being buzzed out, but her performance was still aired.

She told a central London Employment Tribunal that the show producers knew her health was suffering and that affected her performance. Apparently Czikai suffers from fibromyalgia, an illness that causes aching muscles, sleep disorders and fatigue.

“Simon Cowell knew about my health problems but aired my awful audition anyway,” she told the Daily Mail.

She also says she wrote to Cowell and the show producers and explained that, apart from the fibromyalgia, she was also recovering from an operation to remove excess skin on her arms and that she was mourning the death of her dog Harry.

She claims the letter would have been received before her performance was aired, but the show still decided to broadcast her woeful rendition of the Westlife tune.

She’s alleging the judges and producers broadcast something they knew to be humiliating and degrading, even though they’d been made aware of her medical history.

She’s suing Fremantle Media, Cowell’s company Simco, Cowell himself and Amanda Holden under disability laws for denying her a fair audition that she claims amounted to a job interview.

All four have denied any wrongdoing and say that they were not informed of any ongoing illnesses the claimant was suffering from when her tryout was filmed.