Pretty doggone big, judging from the band’s accomplishments. Founded in 1982, X Japan has since sold more than 30 million albums, singles and videos. Plus, their box office record ain’t too shabby either, having sold out 55,000-seat Tokyo Dome not once, not twice, but 18 times.

There’s also a touch of the ol’ show biz mystique. Leader / songwriter / drummer Yoshiki is known only by his first name, striking comparisons to a certain Irish band as well as being acclaimed as Asia’s most influential musical artist and biggest rock star.

Of course, that’s in Japan. Now the band is prepping for its U.S.A. debut Aug. 8 at , sharing a mainstage lineup already dripping with talent and boasting the likes of Green Day, Lady Gaga and Soundgarden.

“We are very honored to be asked to play Lollapalooza,” Yoshiki said. “This is a wonderful opportunity for X Japan to bring our music to new fans, to play some of our brand new songs and to play for our U.S. fans.”

The band has been working on its first album featuring all English lyrics in Yoshiki’s Los Angeles studio. One of the new songs, “Born To Be Free,” will get its first public performance this weekend at Lollapalooza.

Which leads us to the video embedded below. Evidently Lollapalooza co-founder Perry Farrell thought X Japan’s appearance at this year’s festival is so important that he interviewed the band itself and stuck the finished video on the ‘Net. Check it out and then click here for the X Japan website.