The Asian Spice Girls

Eliot Kennedy, the man most instrumental in developing the Spice Girls, and FarWest Entertainment have said that they plan to create an Asian version of their most famous act and will search Japan, Korea, China, the Philippines and India for talent.

The search will be recorded and presented as a TV documentary series called “Project Lotus,” which will have local spinoffs. The five-member group itself will likely be called the Asian Spice Girls.

Taping has already begun at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, where Elliot and a group of prominent songwriters came up with 16 songs the undiscovered girl group will include on its first album. All the songs will be in English.

Finding and auditioning the girl band wannabes will be contracted out to local talent agencies. In India, for example, “talent solutions company” Alchemist will post talent calls in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore. Alchemist will narrow the hopefuls down to five finalists who will then go on to another audition in Hong Kong.