Rocking Outside The Box

Great weather is often all that’s needed to coax out the crowds for summer amphitheatre concerts.

But during those months when blue skies and temperate climes make for spectacular outdoor shows, what’s an indoor venue to do?
How about a pre-show party outside?

The Global Spectrum-managed Glens Falls Civic Center in New York recently hosted a free, open-to-the-public block party in the leadup to a Slayer, Megadeth and Testament show.

People came out to enjoy free live music by a local band, food and refreshments in the hours leading up to the concert, and in some cases, decided to keep the party going by purchasing tickets at the door.

Venue GM Jason Blumenfeld told Pollstar that Global Spectrum often tries to “think outside the box” to bring crowds to the 7,514-capacity venue.

“People come down just to enjoy the nice weather and then decide to stay,” he said.

The Slayer show wasn’t the first time Glens Falls had tried the block-party idea. The arena previously hosted a similar party prior to a Stone Temple Pilots concert and while Blumenfeld said it’s hard to pin down exactly how much the events affect last-minute sales, he’s definitely seen an increase in last-minute walkups.

Plus, the events give local bands a showcase and give venues with a roof a chance to take advantage of the summer season.
“The block party is just a good way to keep the community involved,” Blumenfeld said.