We all remember the headlines and news reports of the massive wave that struck 14 countries the day after Christmas 2004 and killed more than a quarter million people. Humanitarian aid followed quickly, much of it spearheaded by former Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. However, as years go by and, unfortunately, other disasters grab headlines and news cycles, it’s easy to forget about something that happened nearly six years ago.

That’s why Maroon 5 members James Valentine and Jesse Carmichael recently cut a video about relief efforts. Specifically, the band members want you to know about an artist-compilation CD put out by an organization called, appropriately enough, Aid Still Required.

The CD consists of an all-star roundup of artists contributing tracks in order to aid tsunami survivors in Southeast Asia. Projects the organization is targeting include jobs creation and emergency alert system upgrades as well as farming education.

Who’s on the CD? Pretty much a who’s who of artists and bands, including Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Norah Jones, James Taylor, Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne, Shawn Colvin, Phantom Planet, Ani DiFranco, Beth Nielsen Chapman, and The Blind Boys Of Alabama. But track contributions were not limited to the land of the living, the estates of John Lennon and Ray Charles also contributed tracks.

As with many collaborative CDs, you may already have some of the tracks. But there are also a few live tracks that have never been officially released.

The CD is available via iTunes for $9.99. There’s also a deluxe package priced at $15 available from the Aid Still Required website. For more information, just click here.