Schaffhausen On The Map

The Swiss have gone right to the limits of their territory to squeeze in another festival. Das Festival takes place in Schaffhausen, a city on the northern border that’s virtually surrounded by Germany.

The 4,500-capacity event takes place in the picturesque city centre, known for its Renaissance-era buildings. The population is about 34,000, which is less than the crowd figures at some of the country’s biggest festivals.

The surrounding area is largely forest and farmland, although Schaffhausen is very accessible, as it’s on the main Milan-Zurich-Stuttgart rail line and serviced by the Swiss and German national train companies.

The event mainly targets people older than 30, according to Derrick Thomson from Cult Concert Agency, which booked a bill that included Roger Hodgson, Norwegian shooting star Marit Larsen and Simple Minds.

The only hitch came when Simple Minds got caught in a massive traffic jam at the Gotthard Tunnel and then were delayed when the tour bus broke down.

The act found alternative transport and got a police escort to the stage area.

Its headline slot was delayed but the city authorities extended the curfew to 1:30 a.m. to allow the act to play its full set.

The Swiss acts playing Das Festival in Schaffhausen Aug. 5-7 included Lesley Meguid, Sophie Hunger and Stephan Eicher.