Groban Encore Sparks Suit

A Wisconsin woman has sued the Bradley Center and Live Nation for a spill she suffered in August 2009 while attempting to return to her seat when Josh Groban took the stage for an encore.

Geraldine Grunwald, apparently believing Groban was done for the night when the house lights came up, headed for the exits only to discover the singer wasn’t quite done singing yet. As she returned to her seat, the house went dark.

Though ushers and security workers directed Grunwald back to her seat, she fell and injured her leg, arm, back, head and neck, according to the suit reported by the Milwaukee Journal. It was “pitch black and impossible to see the stairways,” according to the suit, which accuses the Bradley Center and Live Nation of negligence.

The defendants responded that Grunwald had “the duty to exercise reasonable care toward herself and others at the concert,” according to the Journal.