Judge Says MJ Suit Not AllGood

A federal justice has dismissed a $30 million lawsuit filed by AllGood Productions against the estate of the late Michael Jackson over a failed reunion concert that the singer scuttled before his death.

U.S. District Judge Harold Baer agreed with a motion by Jackson’s lawyers to dismiss the case, citing lack of evidence of a binding agreement between AllGood and MJ or his family to do the show.

Though it was determined that there was a letter of intent between Jackson and manager Frank Dileo, it did not constitute an enforceable contract, the judge ruled. Neither was there evidence that AllGood suffered substantial economic damage.

“This case never had any merit and the claim was frivolous from day one,” Jackson estate attorney Howard Weitzman said in a statement. “Michael Jackson never agreed to participate in a concert promoted by AllGood as the judge clearly found in his opnion.”

AllGood Presents President/CEO Patrick Allocco disagreed with the ruling and did not rule out further action.

“While we respect Judge Baer’s ruling, we respectfully disagree with his erroneous factual conclusions,” Allocco said. “For instance, Judge Baer stated that we had a deadline of Dec. 31st to make a payment to Frank Dileo from which he concluded that we breached [the contract] before Dileo breached.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. We had two irrefutable extensions in writing from Dileo’s business partner, Mark Lamicka, which moved our deadline more than a month – a fact which escaped the Judge’s decision. We are obviously disappointed in the ruling; however, we are looking into all of the remedies available to us under the law,” Allocco concluded.