Bandmembers Face Rape Charges

Two members of a Michigan punk band are heading to court over recent allegations that they raped a woman at a house party in Connecticut following a performance at a New Haven club.

Quentin Price and Uriah Baker of Goddamn Gallows face charges of first-degree sexual assault for what they claim was consensual sex with a woman at the party.

A lawyer for the men, Diane Polan, told the New Haven Register the men were released from custody after posting $75,000 bail each and unless charges are dropped, will head to trial Sept. 14 to prove their innocence.

“There’s really no middle ground in a case where you’re accused on a nonconsensual sexual act and the act was consensual,” she said. “They’re not going to plead guilty to anything that would suggest they did anything wrong or they’re sex offenders.”

Other members of the group reportedly told the paper the woman arrived at the party uninvited and pulled the men into the bathroom to have sex.

The men have been ordered not to leave the state. According to the Goddamn Gallows Facebook page, other members of the band have begun holding benefit concerts to raise funds for Price and Baker’s legal fees.