“Live in Praha” features the band’s Aug. 23, 2009 gig at Výstavište Holešovice Exhibition Hall in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Guardian notes that the project was filmed by more than 50 fans each using a Flip camera.

After being inspired by “the improving quality of fans’ live videos,” the group’s “mission [was] to capture the band playing using as many different angles as possible,” according to the film’s website.

An editing team then took the best clips from the videos and edited it into a 25-track video. Radiohead gave the group’s efforts a big high five by giving the filmmakers the audio masters from the concert to complete the project.

Tracks include “Everything in its Right Place,” “The Bends,” “A Wolf At The Door,” “Exit Music (For A Film),” “How To Disappear Completely,” “Pyramid Song” and “Idioteque.”

The film is available to download for free, being “by the fans for the fans.” Fans can download a DVD-quality version of the film, view it in HD Quicktime, upload it to or to the iPhone or stream it on YouTube.

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