Yes, that’s right. A song lasting more than three days. Evidently numbers like “Free Bird,” “Slowride” or anything from Yes’ Tales From Topographic Oceans just aren’t long enough.

The performance, which takes place over a period of four days, happens at the Turf Club in Saint Paul, Minn., Oct. 7-10 and will include more than 400 pages of lyrics. Mallman will also receive assistance from nearly 100 backup musicians who will take turns playing in the band.

How did Mallman decide that 78 hours was enough? That is, how did he arrive at this figure instead of, say, 77 or 79 hours? The song contains three phases, each 26 hours long, which Mallman compares to a marathon run of 26 miles.

Turns out this isn’t the first time Mallman has gone the distance. His first marathon was in 1999 while his second took place in 2004. For those of you keeping track, Mallman’s upcoming attempt will be marathon No. 4.

Advance tickets are available. For more information on Mark Mallman, click here for the artist’s website where not only will you get the scoop on Marathon 3 but you can also snag free MP3s and archival footage from Marathons 1 and 2. Such a deal!