Tent Collapse Injures Eight

Eight people were injured Sept. 6 when a tent collapsed during a magician’s performance at Arts Festival Oklahoma at Oklahoma City Community College.

Winds reportedly gusting between 30-40 m.p.h. caused the tent to billow and collapse minutes into Jim Green’s performance for about 80 people, according to the Oklahoman.

Four adults were treated by emergency services personnel at the scene for bumps and bruises while four others were taken to a nearby hospital but were said to be in good condition, according to the paper.

Officials then decided to close the festival about an hour earlier than scheduled because of the winds.

OCCC President Paul Sechrist said in a statement that officials are investigating what caused the tent to collapse, one of several rented from a local company and inspected by fire marshals Sept. 3. Pollstar could not determine the manufacturer at press time.

“We deeply regret that people were injured and hope and pray for their speedy recovery,” Sechrist told the paper. “We have already initiated a full investigation of the incident.”

Green told the Oklahoman there were four or five gusts of wind and then the tent came down. He said officials allowed some fairgoers to retrieve their belongings from the scene but the magician had to wait to collect his equipment.

“I guess I brought down the house,” Green told the Oklahoman.